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Please provide us with the page url where we can see the problem, thank You.

Regards, AS Team.

at the moment

Thank you!!
You have to check your article, you have a lot of empty heading tags (h1).

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you...

may be, but I don´t want to have the dotted lines correctly in place, so it doesn´t matter. I want to switch them completely off! Where can I edit, that these lines are not longer shown?
Please add the following class in the tmpl.custom.css file:

#colmain #component h1,
#colmain #component h2,
#colmain #component h3
border: none !important;

Regards, AS Team.
Hi AS Template,

I have a problem with the size of my footers, there are too big:

I tried to change configs of the footers of the template but nothing changed.
Could you help me?

Best Regards,
Hello DAVID49,
Can you please provide us with more info regarding what changes are you going to do?

Regards, AS Team.
Dear AS Team,

The problem is when I want to add something in the positions 50 to 54, like a phoca gallery or the particulars.
As soon as I do this the footers become very big with the "brow squared" pattern.

Thanks a lot for all!!
Hello DAVID49,
We have checked your site, it looks like you have managed to resolve your problem, it loos good now.

Regards, AS Team.

I'd like to know if this template supports - steaming video tags?

thank you!
Hello MORIS84,
For videos you have to use extensions, for example:

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS-Team

My problem is the h1 configuration.

h1 is shown allover, but i wouldnt this.

The problem is, when i go on the Menue of "Leistungen" and then I go to "Babybauch" in position 13, so I have the right Site "Home" from "Babybauch", but the false h1 "Leistungen".

please give me a help.

Thanks Janet
We are sorry, your license was expired, we are not providing support in such case.

Accordingly to our records you purchased a regular license, it means you can use it on one domain only. You are not authorized to use it for 2 domains:

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Team

thats right, so I have the license for 1 domain. The is the test server for myself. Its change at the moment to and you can see thats is the same theme.

thanks for answer

Hi there

I want this template. I downloaded it from

but as you can see on my website:

a lot of things are not working.

Is there a ZIP file that contains the whole site like it's visible on

I want my website to look like this. Is this possible?
It looks like you found the way.

Regards, AS Team.
We have purchased the Premium version of this template, site: have a problem with the drop-down menu at position 42 (any) - submenu overlaps the menu. I tried to change the code css.content - but does not work. How to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance
We are sorry, we don't see the item under your account, for any customization services please use the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
I have a problem with the drop-down menu at left (right) position (any) - Overlaps the submenu vertical menu (link to view: .com/document/d/1kZXSUfStYk_S5iiwmtwXB3Z-rtIbbq6KVCHEmTcuGu0/edit? usp = sharing). How to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance
We are sorry, we don't see the item under your account, for our services please use the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
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