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hello! i want to ask a question.. how can I make an album with photos in one
page? I did not figure out how! and sth more. I upload a photo in the slider but the slider shows only a part of the photo!! like it has been zoomed! How can it shows all the photo?? thank you very much!
Hello xxatzis,
The template doesn't have such feature, you have to find and install en extension which will allow you to do that.

Regards, AS Team.
hello! i have a question. I use one slide show for my pictures and I have also create 5 categories in the main menu.. I would like to know how can the slider show show diffirent pictures in each category and not the same ones in each category.. thanks a lot!

In this case you can install and use ASNivo Slider :

Position for AS Slider should be slider. You have to make 5 AS Sliders with different pictures, and assign them to special item menu.

Regards, AS Team.
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