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I am trying to install the template with joomla via the quickstart but I get an error.

When I open the installation and choose the laugage, the site thinks and thinks without moving on - What can I do?
Can you please provide us with more info: what is the error message are you receiving, how are you installing the package, what is your site URL?

Regards, AS Team.
I got it fixed now - so it works now - but have a few other questions :

Where do I find the facebook/twitter etc. modul that I can see on the demo - i cant find it in the extensions?

Can you explaine how I change the logo on the top of the page.

Sorry about all the questions, but am pretty new at this...
Have you installed the template using the quick-start package? If so, the social icons you should have in position 54 (Custom HTML module).

The logo you can change using the Template Parameters -> Header Configuration Parameters -> Logo Image, please see the following page for all module positions and parameters:

Regards, AS Team.

No, I didnt use the quickstart because of some problems in the installation, so used the joomla installation from my webhost and installed the template after... Is it not possible to find then?

Thansk - will try that...
If you do not have much experience of working with Joomla we strongly recommend you to install the template using quick-start package, please see the following page, it's easy:

Regards, AS Team.
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