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Hello Is it possible to use this template with joomla 3.0?

Regards Ercole

Yes, we are planning to upgrade this template to version 3.0, hope it will be done soon.

Regards, AS Team.

Do you have a date for the 3.0 version?

If I order the 2.5 template now, can I get the update for free?

Best regards Ercole

The license grants you access to download the template for a period of 365 days after the date of purchase. During this period, the template will be upgraded regularly and your license grants you permission to download these upgrades.

Regards, AS Team.

I normal install Joomla with my direct admin, so it's registred in de management system.

Is it possible to install the template include the sample content as in the example, without using the quickstart?

So I mean install the sample content in a existing installation?

Kind Regards, Ercole
We are sorry, it is impossible, but you can easy install the package using the template documentation:

or you can ask for our services, we can offer you discount of 25% on the installation:

Regards, AS Team.
hi there

I'am using the template.
Is it possible to get a lighter blue color?

Is it possible to customize this?

Best regards Ercole

Please provide us with more information, as well URL.

Regards, AS Team.

I'am working on

And now I have 2 questions:

Is it possible to change the dark blue colors to lighter blue colors (see logo). It is not possible to do this with the standard color options.

2. How can I remove the Latest comments, I looked at every K2 setting but I can't find it....

eg see

(it's almost in every page)

Regards Ercole

1. Background color you can edit in templates/as002041/themes/blacksea/css/setting.css file

2. You can assign or unpublish k2 comments module in Module Manager in position-34

Regards, AS Team.
Hi thanks for the quick response.

i have stil two questions:

(The same same question as Pindar6) in the right corner of the screen is a date and time stamp.
(2013-05-09 20:44:33)

But in Holland we use 09-05-2013 20:44:33

if I use the menu button 'MEDIA' click on it, than I can't see the menuitems below MEDIA any more (foto en video).
When I click on HOME ore a other button, than the submenu is back under MEDIA.

I tried to make a new MENU Item 'MEDIA' and I tried copy it from a working menu but it's still not working.

Please advice me what to do.

Best regards Ercole

Please provide us with an access to admin panel via Special Info in your astemplates account.

Regards, AS Team.

Go to


and delete this code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="'.$siteUrl.'/plugins/content/'.$this->plg_name.'/'.$this->plg_name.'/includes/jquery/jquery-1.4.4.min.js"></script>

Regards, AS Team.
I have already find how to solve the first question.
I adjust the top_head.php

echo $date->toFormat('%d-%m-%Y %H:%M') . " " ;
echo $date->toFormat( ) . " " ;

So only the menu question is open ;-)

I want to upgrate my site to Joomla 3.0
Is this template working? Or is there a 3.0 template planned?

Regards Ercole

Yes, we are planning to upgrade this template to version 3.0, hope it will be done soon.

Regards, AS Team.

My site is running on with this template but then with the 2.5 version.

What is the best way to migrate my site to the new 3.0 template?

Regards, Ercole

The latest template version is moved under Bootstraped Framework. The Bootstrap Framework makes it fully responsive to all screen resolutions and aspect ratios. Moreover, thus it carries a lot of useful features, for instance additional HTML elements, set of CSS components, grid system and much more.

As result the the template was fully recreated, changed all module positions and files structure. It will not work just by replacing the previous template version.
We are not guarantee that it will work in the same way like the previous template versions.
Anyway, if you will decide to move to the new version you will need to build your existing site from scratch using the quick-start package. Please do not forget about backups.

Regards, AS Team.

I use the template and I have a question

In the right top of the screen, you see a date and time.

But the time in The Netherlands is + 2 hours

How can I adjust the time?

(And if it's not possible, how can I remove it?)


Best Regards

Ercole de Brouwer

The time comes from your server, we think you have adjustment option in your cPanel.

Remove it you can in the templates/as002041/blocks/top_head.php file.

Just delete or hide the current code :

$date =& JFactory::getDate();
echo $date->toFormat() . '' '' ;

Regards, AS Team.
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