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Hi There,
I am having a huge problem trying to register a new user via the normal login route. I have my login link in the top menu for now. The site is Basically, when I try and register a user the page gives me a Error 404 - Component Not Found.

I disabled the template and then I was able to register a user... I have tried all the options for SEF, but Im not running Apache on my server, so I cant do much more than this...

I have a strong feeling it is something within the template. Any suggestions or this is not a template related issue? If you need access to the site, please send me a private email. Thanks

Please provide us with an access to admin panel via Special Info: in your astemplates account

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, I added my login details to that section. Just a note though, we recently upgraded the PHP version on the site, and I am told I need to be patient while the DNS updates, thus leaving the site for 48hrs.

I did notice though that I was able to register a new user through the Virtue Mart route... however, the normal registration via joomla gives me issues.
Thanks for your assistance.

Check it now. It was conflict between k2 and Joomla registration function.

Regards, AS Team.
Dear AS Team,
Thanks you so much, honestly I had severe sleepless nights about this issue, and it was the first time using a K2 menu, as Im still getting used to it. I appreciate you guys take the time to work with your clients and help us.

You have my committed support! Thank you.
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