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I am having a problem with module positions 50 and 51, which should be right and left side, but they always appear with 50 below 51 in my page.
I have 2 "custom html" modules in those positions. I tried increasing the block "special width" from 62 to 300, but nothing changed.
The admin login info is in my Special Info text box.
Can you help me?
What is a resolution of your desktop? This template is a responsive template and changes position scheme depends on your desktop resolution.

Regards, AS Team.
AS Team
Thank you. You are right. My screen size is big 1920x1080, but in a normal sized browser window the two modules switch to one below the other.
How can I adjust this? They should be side-by-side in a normal window that is for example 1050px wide.

thank you
We are sorry, it should be developed, you have ask for our services in this case:

Regards, AS Team.
Please take a minute to look at my website. The problem is only with those 2 positions - 50 and 51. No other positions on the page are doing this. Is there another position in between them - 52 or 49? There is a large empty space between the 2 positions.
the site is offline, login info is the same as for administrator.

We are sorry, our support team is not able to help you in this case, for the template customization you have ask for our services.

Regards, AS Team.
Dear AS Team,
Thank you for your offer of customization services, but I was really not asking for any customization, just reporting a bug.
I have already worked around it for my website, but the error remains in your template css (or xml file).

Best regards
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