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hello astemplate team

the headboard is there where the logo is smaller than the menu area and all other areas. How can I change it? Here the page
Thank you.
hello astemplate team

in the demo page under the slider are 4 Cases areas, knwoledge, ... how can I do that?

Thank you
We kindly recommend you to install this template using the quick-start installation package, after installing the package you will need just to replace the text or use installed modules for your future projects as a demo preview.

For example, in case to make your menu smaller, so it will looks exact like on our demo preview, you need to put bootstrap size to 12 in the Menu and Slider Module Manager -> Advanced Options.
After installing the template using the quick-start package you will not need to config all these parameters.

Or you can check the template documentation for manual modules configuration:

Regards, AS Team.

OK, Thank You!
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