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Hi AS Team,

i have a problem with the AS ART Slider in template 002052

My Pictures have the same with as shown on demo (1132*374px)

But the left margin is not justified to the text below.

Which parameter i have to adjust for this? I have tried several, but nothing happens.

Please look on this link for my website

Best regards

Holger Kull
You have to publish the slider in position 5 and set Bootstrap column size to 12, this parameter you can find under the module Advanced option, for more info please see the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
Hi AS Support Team,

thanks for the support at the last time.

Now i would like to change the color of the Pull down menu "Therapieformen" from orange to blue for this url:

Which parameter i have to change? I have tried with firebug but i havent found that. Can you help me please.

Thank you

Best regards

Holger Kull
You can change it by editing style.default.css file the following class:

#as-menu ul li a:hover,
#as-menu ul li span:hover,
#as-menu ul > a,
#as-menu ul li.asHover > a,
#as-menu ul > span,
#as-menu ul li.asHover > span
color: #fd712d !important;

Regards, AS Team.
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