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Hi. There seem to be a bug with AS menu.

After you click at the menu that has access level Guest, submenues are not shown in desktop mode when you move mouse over menu items. In mobile mode the whole hierarchy is displayed fine.

The problem is caused by $.browser being undefined. This causes crash when checking $.browser.msie when building menu.

Same problem also causes error in jquery.isotope.min.js when check $.browser.opera is done.

Reproduction steps:
1. Make a menu that has an item with submenu and an item that has Access = Guest.
2. Click on the Guest menu item. Try to move mouse over other item to see submenu -> you will get a java script error.
What is your site url please? In case to help you wee need to see this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
I have fixed it as suggested here:

So currently I don't have this bug live. But I can give you access to another environment where I can reproduce the error if you contact me privately.
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