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I just purchased a license and installed the quick install file. template not there and looks nothing like the demo site.

Also, which sample data do i need to install?
i got this error:

load error: failed to find C:xampphtdocsdeletequick_j3/templates/tm_bloggite/less/master.less
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On the Staps Module, where are the little icons coming from?
When making a gallery, is it possible for an image to appear in more than one tag?
can the gallery be used to display articles with the intro image?
I want to make the Staps in an article. I copied the ones in the Staps module position that came with the quickstart into an article but none of the css is displaying. I also tried doing a {loadposition staps} but nothing displays. How do I fix this?
When I add more rows to the video section, they all become disorganized and don't display properly. How do I fix this?
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Is someone going to respond to my issue???
How do I change the height of the pop-up image from the gallery? My editor tells me that it's an css but doesn't say the file it's in.
Where do I add this?
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