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Using this template but running into some problems with the gallery. I used the short code as mentioned in the demo. The gallery is displayed exactly in the amount of columns I set, however, the amount of space the gallery takes always is about 3 columns. Even when I have the whole page available for 4 columns of images, only 3 bootstrap columns are used.

My demo link is added to my account and hope there is quick solution for this.

Thanks in advance!

I did exactly as you described, however, no success…

Any other measures to take?


I've put login details into my account for this template.

Kind regards
Yes, my bad, it's the klk account. I changed the login credentials in the backend. Sorry for this.

Kind regards
Why is the megamenu not working accordingly? I try to load 3 modules as a submenu. All three are positioned underneath each other while I specify the column count to 3. The width of the entire column is approximately 3 leaving a lot of white space on the right side while alle modules are placed top to bottom.

Need assistance with this, login is provided.
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