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Hello AS Team ,
can I change the width of the position 1 , where the menu is listed . I would have at least 75% width of the template for the menu exploit . I find no indication in entsprechenen css menu . Can you please help me?
Sorry.... i found Bootstrap.
my question is this answers

Hello There,

it is not possible that PNG images are angeziegt with a transparent background? I have placed a football logo on the side and get now again a white background shown.
The address for the page is:
The menu item is: Verein -> Leitbild

Is it generally possible contributions with a white background to provide?
We are sorry, we do not see this template under the list of your Purchased items.

Regards, AS Team.
Yes that's right. I had a problem with my passwords. Maybe you remember. I had this bought under Altenhoff. I had placed under Altenhoff the question (something above) with the logo.
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