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it is possible to change the width of the logo?
Yes it is possible, what is your site url please? What width size do you want to have?

Regards, AS Team.

Sorry, but I have to probably about my Altenhoff account questions:
it is not possible that PNG images are displayed with a transparent background? I have a football logo placed on the page and get again shown a white background.
The URL of the page is:
The menu item is: Club -> Mission Statement

Is it generally possible contributions with a white background to provide?
You have to change the image background property to transparent in the tmpl.default.css file in the following class (line 426):

.mod-custom img,
.item_img img,
.category_img img,
.item_fulltext img,
.random-image img,
aside .img-intro__left img,
aside .img-intro__right img
background-color: #ffffff;
border-radius: 0;

Regards, AS Team.
Unfortunately, I always get this message. The files do not seem to exist. I have looked in the folder. There is not. Why do I get this error displayed? and: can I get these files later?

JFile:: read: The file can not be opened:....../plugins/editors/codemirror/styles.min.css

JFile:: read: The file can not be opened::/plugins/editors/codemirror/fonts.json
Have you made any Joomla updates? The missed files you can take from our quick-start package or from Joomla original package. Our package you can download from your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello again.
The named files are not included in the original template and not in the Quick installation.
The codemirror plugin is not our product, you can check it by downloading Joomla original package from website.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS team,

Unfortunately, I've been trying for hours a module to place it on a separate line item. The code {loadposition xxxxxxx} that worked well in all your template. Only here, as soon as the code is placed in the text, the page stops responding.
Do you have an explanation?

We are sorry, for any customization requests please use the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
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