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Hi ASTeam,

I am looking at making a few changes to this template and want to know just how difficult they will be:
- If there is an option to change the colour theme? I basically want to change all text and backgrounds that are red to another colour such as green or blue.
- Is it complicated to select to use the home option 2 instead of the standard one?
- Can the 'you are here' bar under the images on the home page simply be turned off?
- If for example I wanted to not have history in the 'about' drop down does turning off that article remove the heading from the drop down? Or is there another process involving the coding?
- I notice the map in contacts defaults to satellite view, is this adjustable to default to map view?
- Is the logo provided in Photoshop to edit?

Sorry for all the questions. I appreciate your time.

Kind Regards,
- There is no such option, but you can do it by changing css files, it is easy if you have some knowledge in css and html.
- No, you will need to select home style 2 as your default page and unpublish home style 1 in your Joomla admin panel.
- Yes, you have to unpublish it in module manager.
- Just unpublish all not necessary items in menu item manager
- Yes
- Yes

Regards, AS Team.
Sorry i also forgot to ask how to adjust the size of the image in the main slider? It seems set at 350 pixels high and i was hoping for about 500.


Please disregard last 2 comments regarding swapping images and resizing for the home page image slider, I finally figured it out.

Still have absolutely no idea about changing both the small and large social media icons to either include an instagram or swap twitter for instagram if you could please explain that.

Have you purchased this item? Sorry we are not providing support to our free items.

Regards, AS Team.
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