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By the way, I don't think the relevant file is the 768 one. I think any tweaking for smart phones should be in the 480 file... In that one, I found two lines that I think maybe could be responsible for the caption not showing...

.camera_caption a.readmore span
display: none !important;


display: none;

maybe these should be display: inline or block??
Please first delete it in file 768, or replace
display: none;
display: block;

then clear your browser cache, please let us know if it will not work, we will recheck your site source code.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi! Thanks, I did both, I changed the display from none to block and then deleted the classes from the 768 file... Neither worked. I'll give you guys admin access to see if you can figure out why it's not working... Again, thanks!
Ok, now I see the caption and the navigation on the slider through my iphone. What did you guys do? Or was it maybe a cache issue? Either way, I need to style the caption so its font size is smaller. How do I do that? Thanks!
We nothing did, probably it was cache issue.
Sorry, you must to have some knowledge in css styling, we are not able to learn you. If you interested you may ask for our services using the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
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