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Hello Templatemesh,

The module Quick Contact is not (automaticily) in another language what is installed for joomla and template (Dutch). It's still in English. How i can fix that?
Thanks in forward.
Best regards,
Hello Templatemesh,
1-If you click on 'quote' a new screen appear with all the modules from the frontpage. I don't want all the (only some) modules. On which way i can do that?
2-In the module 'partner' you can put a url by an image. But i want that it will open in a new screen/window and not in state off.
Best regards. Thanks in forward.
Hello templatemesh,
I don't receive (by e-mail) the detail way to override as mentioned at post from 2014-11-12. Or i lost it. Sorry for late reaction, but i have try to seek for it.
Thanks in forward.
Best Regards,
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