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my name is Atanas from the consulting company Inter HECS. Last week we bought the Hexite Joomla theme:

I sent you one email to While we were working with the template we encountered an error with it which we have documented on the screenshot attached in our email - "Uncaught Type Error: Cannot read property "css" of null". Could you please fix the error? Also, on the mobile version there is one thing that can be seen on the screenshot. And should we download the template againg after the error is fixed or you will send it to me? I am asking this to be done as soon as possible, because it affects my business.

Thank you!


This is Dimitar again. I have couple more questions for you:
1. Regarding the javascript error, please can you tell me what is the fix for it, because I want to start the website as soon as possible. The errors are ""Uncaught Type Error: Cannot read property "css" of null"" and the number of these type of errors is constantly increasing.
2. Regarding the mobile version on smartphones. There are two white lines on the left and right side of the screen. In the middle is the page itself. With these lines some of the words start directly from there and it is not good as a view. How can I remove the white lines, if possible?

Thanks in advance!

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TM Hexite

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