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Pre Sale Question:

Can the height and background colour of Module position 31 be decreased.
Is the Module News (HHome Top Articles- position 6) in the package.

The height of position 31 is depends on the content published in this position, without to see your site we can't help you. Yes, all used extensions are included in the premium version.

Regards, AS Team.
After the purchase, how do I upgrade the free version to paid one.
The site is running and has a lot of data.
You have just to install the premium template version and make it as default.

Regards, AS Team.
the site where the free version installed is
Presale query:
1) Can the size of every box or footer be modified or not.
2) Can we add a background image, we need to do this because otherwise the site has a very light colour.
3) Are there any color options available for boxes/footer/body/menu etc.
4) Is there any designing theme we can use for website.
1. Each page of the template is divided to 12 columns, it means you may to have footer boxes with sizes from 1 column to 12 columns, this parameter you can find under extension advanced options tab.
2. Yes, if you have some very basic knowledge in css you can do it without any problems.
3. There is no color parameters, but you can always change colors in css files.
4. Sorry, not quite understand this question.

Regards, AS Team.
By background, the client wants to ask, if an image can be added like:
Yes, it should be done in css.

Regards, AS Team.
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