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Hi there,
Am loving working with this template. Thank You!!

Just a question about the css file.
I notice that when I view the source in my browser the css is attached to the page rather than linked to it.
Is there a reason for this and can I change it ?

The 'attached css' you can find in the styles.php file, it generates depends on the template parameters.
You can create your own css file and include it after styles.php in the index.php file.
Thanks for such a speedy response.
Yes I ended up finding that.
Can I just link it as per the other CSS files, except keep it as the style.php?

<link rel='stylesheet' href='<?php echo $this->baseurl ?>/templates/<?php echo $this->template ?>/style.php' type='text/css' />

or should I copy the style.php and make it style.css for example and place it in the css. folder?
I am just trying to make the source code smaller when you view it.
Yes, it will be better if you will link your own css as other css files, but put it after styles.php include.
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