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Hi, I just downloaded your nice template but fail to upload it including the example data. Whenever I want to upload the quickstart.jpa, the message "Unable to detect manifest file" comes up. Thanks and kind regards!
You cannot upload the package via Jooml admin panel, please check the following page, it should help you:

Regards, AS Team.
Already fixed, thx.
Hello, I have purchased the article AS 002103 and have the following problem: Both your dummy content and content produced by myself are only sporadically displayed in the frontend. For example, content in the AS Articles Newsflash module: as soon as I visit the page, the module's content is displayed, but when I refresh the page or click elsewhere and return, the module's content and other elements have disappeared. To restore these, I have to delete my history/cookies. Interestingly, this does not occur on "Home" but on all other pages. Are you aware of this problem? I use Joomla 5 and PHP 8.1 Many thanks in advance and best regards, Tobias
What is your website url please, we want to see this issue?

Regards, AS Team.
Hey, thanks:
Thank you for noticing about this issue, just released an update which fixes the problem, please download the latest version from your AS account and update files accordingly to the release log:

or just reinstall the template, if you will have any problems please let us know.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi guys, I have 2 requests:

How to change the images in AS Articles Newsflash, position "As Content 2"? Please see your example "Services":
How to change images in 01, 04, 05 and how to add custom images in 02, 03, 06?

Also regarding AS Articles Newsflash:
I placed 5 articles. Whereas the first 2 articles are always redirected as follows when clicking: e.g.,, the other articles are redirected as follows: e.g.,
How can I edit this and achieve uniformity?

Thanks and regards,
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