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Today I bought a template Pelican - Regular license
Thank it is okay
Quick Start can not be installed. By an experienced Joomla professional is left not do it. It is probably a bug in the software.

In step 3 of the installation as well as the internal self-check of Joomla and the appropriate databases everything is in order. After clicking the "Install" button starts the installation but stops after about 4 seconds again.

I'm using Joomla 3.3.3.

Quickstart lässt sich nicht installieren. Auch durch einen versierten Joomla-Profi liess sich das nicht bewerkstelligen. Es liegt vermutlich ein Fehler in der Software vor.

Bei Schritt 3 der Installation sowie bei der internen Selbstüberprüfung von Joomla und den entsprechenden Datenbanken ist alles in Ordnung. Nach dem Klick auf den Button "Installieren" beginnt die Installation, bricht jedoch schon nach ca. 4 Sekunden wieder ab.

Ich verwende Joomla 3.3.3.
Hi, how can I do to set a main menu item on the right side of the menu? Thank you.

Alberto Busi.
Hi, I did not mean this.
I have a menu in the "menu" position just below the logo.
The items on this menu are arranged from left to right.
I wish that only one of these elements were aligned in the right side of the same menu.
maybe I have explained better.

Thank you in advance.
Alberto Busi.
Hi, I solved the problem.
I simply do not remember that there was a position "search".
I apologize for the trouble.
Thanks a lot for availability.
kindly regards.
I have same problem with user DETEKTEI.
Sample data installation page keep coming back after 1/3 progress.
Couldn't you post solution here or should I send you an e-mail as in your response to this user.
I installed joomla by using default joomla installer. Then I installed your template successfully including all extensions. So far so good.
But I need template with sample data (in a sub directory maybe) in order to implement actual site with all functions. I want to use your template with sample data just to see how all functions you implemented.
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Pelican PT
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Regular License
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