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Hello AS-Team,

I purchased this great template. In the template-thumbnail you can see a black main-navigation. I want exactly this main-navigation. I checked all template options and profiles (colors) but there isn't the navigation-style like this in the thumbnail.

I hope You can help me.

Best regards

Hi Delight,

I have send last week saturday an email to '' as provided in the manual with regard to the two questions above. Unfortunately I did not receive any reply on this.

I am still struggling to change the menu colour and I would like to have the menu a little bit more to the top of the page.

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards.
I am having the same issue, my page is completely blank. My site is on a local development machine, not live (obviously).... what can I do?

Thank you! Can you please elaborate a bit on the issue in your email with the plug-in? Thanks :)
Hello AS team

I just bought the template Thematic; I use the latest version of joomla, but I cannot install the template. What do I have to do to be able to install the template Thematic in my joomla?

The instructions in the Thematic User Manual do not work.
Please can you help me so I will be able to install this beutiful template?

Emma Baan
I installed T3 framework and the template but I can't see my site cause of error "505 Internal Server Error". if I change the default template,the site returns ok
many thanks
Hello AS team,

I tried to use the responsive version of the template, but I'm having problems with regular images in articles. The dimension settings of an image work perfectly fine in the administration section, but have no effect in the real site. There, all images are shown with 100% width.
In the non-responsive version everything works as expected.
I'm using Joomla 2.5 with the T3 framework that's being shipped with the template.

Thanks for your help
Hello AS Team,

The site is not public yet, so I can't really give you access to it directly, sorry, but if you could tell me which details you need and where to find them, I'll post them here or send them to you via email. The template used is the responsive version of the Thematic template, the article is just a normal article with an included image (png). What I figured so far is that this happens only to regular articles, as soon as I use K2 content, the images appear as expected. Is using K2 mandatory for the template?

Thanks again for your help.
Hello AS team,
nothing is visible in the slideshow position - I have tried assigning several different items to this position (including the slider) but nothing ever shows.
What could be the problem?
Hi again. I've read all comments and noticed you mentioned "Top panel" or user3, user4 and other module positions. I do not see those positions when I go to Modules and try to assign a position to a certain module. They are simply not on the list of positions. Are they to be found somewhere else?

where I can download a free version to test this template ?
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