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I'm using the responsive template.
Hi, Just got the template, and instructions. I have godaddy hosting and have installed the latest joomla that the have. I am confused by your instructions, I am told that I first need to install T3 Framework Plugin. Where is this Plugin? I though t I could just go to extensions manager and upload the quickstart file but when I do, nothing changes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
I am asking where do I find the t3 framework plugin to install. Please elaborate.
Hi, I have now got the T3 Framework in hand but I am warned not to install in the root of my deluxe godaddy account as per your instructions as this could wipe out my main website etc. I wish to install in a particular website, on that deluxe account where I have Joomla 2.5 installed, is this not possible? I am having problems with the framework not showing up there.
Thanks, I now have some basic functions on the website but most things are missing.
I am not able to upload the Quickstart file to get a it set up as the demo. My ftp is not allowing the transfer. Do I need to change some permissions? How/where can I do this so that I can use FTP?
Hi, I really don't want to be annoying, but you still haven't answered my two questions: one on slideshow position and one on the positions that I can't find. Would you please answer? Please let me know if I haven't put my questions clearly, I'll try to explain again. It's been a while and really need to move on with my works. Thanks.
I bought this model a few months ago, but local work being completed. I sent my site on the server, but unfortunately I get a blank page.
If cons, I set an other default templates that come with Joomla (Beez5), some content appears ...
However, I published my dice modules and plugins to check their validity, but I always have this blank page.
I concluded that it just my template "thèmathic."
What can I do? Thank you in advance for your reply.
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Dear AS Designing Team,

On this site, the image (picture) frame is not right. What's the error? In which file?


Warm regards.
Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for the help you have given me for the launch of our site.

This investment staff comforts me the choice to use your services "AS Templates".

Another big thank you.

Question: In the Management Extensions: Updates (in Administration). A proposal to update the plug-in JA T3v2 System J25 & J30 Plugin for version 2.5.9 is displayed. Do you agree that I make this up-to-date.
Thank you in advance for your response

Philippe Lalande
Hi there, I need to see the module positions and any information on customizing the menu.

Thanks :)

The demo link is no longer functioning.
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