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What about module styles ? If I want to use Legend - Style 2 for example what do I enter in admin at the Module Class Suffix field ?
Hallo, ich vermisse ein paar Module.

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Vielen Dank im voraus!
Hello, here my email address:

Thank you
Hello, sorry my email address is:

Thank you for your help!
Hello Delight Group;
I purchase Cosmo Regular Licence and install temp on extension manager but there is "JInstaller: :Install: File does not exist /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/alkyonebilisim/tmp/install_50645b1de92d0/en-GB.tpl_cosmo.ini" error on the screen; also when I open the site, screen is shown clear.. I could not solve the problem..

p.s. t3 plugin and other extensions (which are in the cosmo temp .zip file) are installed

Could you help me pls..

Thank you for your interest

You wrote: "remember to install sample data".
How do I get them?
Is there a file ""?
After the installation of this file have 'standard, clean Joomla.

Hello Delight Group;
I install jat3 version 2.5.1 again but the same error JInstaller: :Install: File does not exist /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/alkyonebilisim/tmp/install_50645b1de92d0/en-GB.tpl_cosmo.ini" on the screen. Also when click the view site button, the site open on new page but it is clean, there is no any data, image, error or warning :(

p.s. I develop site on localhost, use Joomla 2.5

Thank you for your interest
I install the latest version of t3; 2.5.1 but maybe there is a confusion on the joomlart website. My mail address is

Thank you
Hello Delight Group, where can I make the CUSTOMIZE function off, my client don´t like it. And on which position can I set the copywright info on the buttom of the site?

Thank you in advance!
Kind Regards

I purchased the COSMO template and expected the demo setup (as can be viewed on to be available, but I cannot find it.
Not even in the quickstart package.
Could you please send me the details of the setup (menu, layout, ....)?

Kind regards,
Hi there

I'd like to know if it's possible to close ALL tabs in the Accordion Module?
There is only a setting to open all or open just one tab as I can see.
But I'd like to have them all closed when entering the page.
Could you help me with that?

Thank you for supporting

Hello Delight Group,
I bought a license and I installed the template and I would like to remove the JT3 customization button appearing on the first page!
How can I do that?
Thanks you for your answer

And another question...
I can't find the right module position of the main menu in this template. It's not shown in the example pages on and if I try to find it with the ?id=1 it tells me "top.main.nav".
But this position doesn't exist in this template!?!
All the other positions including "" don't show the menu where it belongs.
Btw there are a lot of other menu positions shown an the "?tp=1" page view which are not shown and selectable in the template. Why is this so ?
Or is there a possibility to enable them??

At the moment my main menu in the standard language is shown if I choose the "position-7". THIS position doesn't actually exist in the cosmo template! And if I want to release the menu in another language at the same "position-7" it doesn't show at all.
Which position is the right to publish the menu above the slider like it is on the example cosmo page?

And I have a strange phenomenon in the menu assignment of my modules...
In the menu selection area of the modules I can suddenly find some entrys I didn't create. They are only shown in the menu of my second language (english) and are for example called "-COM_K2", "AcyMailing", "--Queue" etc
I can't find out where they come from and how to delete them!?!

I would be very happy if you could help me with that.
Best regards I'm sending from here,
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