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I really need an answer!!

Hi all, anyone know how to remove the T3 customize button at the top right of the template?
thank you
I do like this template but you do not say what is included? Tlhere are a couple of extensons on the frontpage and Ilike to know if they are in cluded also what about the T3 framework is that included?

Hello DelightGroup,
Thanks for your answer, I've tried to do that already but unfortunately when I click on the profiles settings an make the changes, the button switch to red colour and when I click on the SAVE button nothing happens and stays like that for ages! In fact I cant change any options on the profiles template settings, the system doesn't allow me to change anything! I've checked all directory permissions and everything is Writable.
Any idea?
Informations sent thank you.
Kind Regards
Hello DelightGroup,
I have a few questions for this template:
1.- ¿How can I change the background of the whole Page? I want t introduce an Image.
2.- I want to remove on the homepage, the title HOME up in to the main article, because I want to have the article Text closer to the Slider.
3.- How can I Install the "Fancy Image Gallery" that it should be on the Template Package.

Thank you

Javier / Social Panty

I just purchased your template but I have problem installing your template.

I got the zip file (, first I tried to upload and install this whole big zip file, it doesn't go thru. , then I unzipped this folder, then I got 3 zip files :,

I tried to install the extension and quickstart zip file, but it still doesn't go thru., it says : "JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file" and installation stopped.

Please advise what to do with the installation.
i need this template but credit card column does not have Ghana where i will be paying the through visa
We are sorry, we can't help you in this case, it depends on PayPal.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello i need a higher space for the logo.
What parameters should I change here?

thanks for your help
I need your help.
I need the header for the logo with follow hight:

can your help.
our logo ist 120px hight and 900px wide

thanks for your help
Hello.. how I can get this template as demo ?

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