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I need your mail-adress :-)

I've just instaled this template with and i don't knnow why is missing the main slider on the top of the page. In my opinion a quickstart package must have the look and feel exactly like the one on the site.
Finally, I would like to know what kind of module (type) is that slider.

if i buy this template ...i get all excentions too ? or just template and moduls ?
Thank you fast answer ... i start to work with this template ..if has any problem i will write u :) ty

I have 3 questions :

1) What kind of module is used in demo site for "portofolio images" ?

2) From the 3 sliders (Hot Image Slider, NivoSzaki slider and Cu3er 3D Slider) presented in the template features i was able to find just one : "NivoSzaki slider" . How can i use the others?

3) I didn't find "Fancy image gallery layout" Is there a problem with the downloaded template or is something else?

Thanks, and i hope to recive an answer at least this time ...

in demo have "Top Items" modul...there is has a lot of extensions...which is show like that ?



Please send me the extension folder because i did'n find few modules from the item description. I didn't find the artsexy lite image gallery as well.Thank you.

In demo have "Top Items" modul...which exctension used ?

Are you sure ? i asking about this

is looking like newsflash or news ...or something like that :|
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I have 2 problems:

1. Template - theme doesn´t change the colours after clicking save - nothing happens.

2. main.nav - in demo there are shown subcategories (mouse-over). In the installed template subcategories are not shown (right module-configurations - show subcategories set to yes / 1-all).
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