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Hello, i need urgent the template.css at mail.
i send the mail at 17.02. 2013 10:43 and Mi 27.03.2013 21:31

I have problem with favicon...i changed it with mine...but system never change all time seen joomla favicon u have any solution about it ...

I changed administrator favicon is ok i seen mine...but from template never change :| 15day passed

Also i wanna do one suggestion please add your website "search" :) ty
Yes ..i changed it ...almost 15day ago...but never ever change :| dunno why
I have the same problem with favicon. I changed it (templates/cosmo_updated/favicon.ico, right size 16x16, .ico) but there is shown the joomla favicon in all browsers (days after clearing cache)

The administrator favicon.ico changed, there are no problems.

Another question: Do you have an update for the problem I told you some weeks ago (administrator, template cosmo_updated, profiles, user tools - can´t change the parameters)?

Thanks for help.


wie heißt denn das modul "Top Items" auf der rechten Seite im Template "Cosmo".

Vielen Dank



what is the name for the module " Top Items" on the right side of the template "Cosmo".

Thank you very much
where can i find the ItemParameters for this Template?

oh sorry, i mean the picture where i can find the module positions like this:

Thanks for help!

i got several problems installing your template. The quickstartpackage doesn't work well, because it stops at the last step of the installation. After that, i installed onls the template within an blank joomla installation, but now i can't change any style, because Thememagic doesn't complete the "saving-process".

The system requirements are all perfect, that couldn't be the reason.

Further on i couldn't change the style of the footer (white background and font with shadow) ....

There are many problems and i have no idea, why. Could you give me a hint? Have you ever heard about before?

Best regards

I'm having a problem getting the banner color to show under the Slideshow module position. It shows fine under Theme magic.
Development mode is off and I have not edited the css file.
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