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i use Community builder, i have this geocommunity plugin in more webs, the only problem is with you, in the map i put the people of community.
the problem with your template is gray lines in the middle.
don't tell me that check the extension because this work.
i think that wil be for css. i send you the admin pass, but you don't do anything. please check it.
ahh , and bt google map don't show in your template.
there are a new version for revolution slider which work in joomla3, if you had buy this, can you put it in the rar?
i do a new web, this time in 3.0.
i make a lateral menu, and put the position in sidebarA, i like that this menu will be in left part, but it put in rigth part. what's brong?

I've installed the template on a Joomla 2.5 site and it works but the Yoo_Master-default hasn't installed in the Template Manager. The files for it did upload.

Hope you can help

When I installed this template (NT Theme, Joomla2.5) the Warp Framework is missing. on the right had side of the edit page all that appears is an empty box with 'Config' beside it.
When I installed the Quickstart using MAMP Yoo_Master-default is included in the template manager list.
When I install the template alone on an existing site the Yoo_Master-default is missing.
From checking the Yootheme site my understanding is this comes with the templates built on the Warp Framework and isn't available for separate download.

I just bought this template and reinstalled my joomla 3 as v2.5 with the to get the site like the demo, since it didnt work on v3.1. I also installed all the extensions provided in the archive. but my site only shows blogposts. I activated all modules and plugins. can you help me to get the basic setup of the preview running?

if needed I will provide you with an adminaccount.

Greetings from Germany,
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Hi, I have two problems,

first: when I create a new item in the main menu, in the field "Link" appears "index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1" but when clicking on the item sent to the path "index.php/Búsqueda inteligente/Actualizar Joomla!/nosotros"

second: the subitems not working as dropdown, these subitems not showing
Good afternoon:
I bought the template NT Theme and I find that I can not install it.
For quikstart joomla 3 does, of course you realize after you buy it, and read the manual.
I think unpresentable.
No one install the sample data, the extensions are not from the admin panel is not configurable.
Or Please give me a solution or give me back the money paid.
Good morning:
I see you have not done anything.
You do not just make me lose time but also money and ma what's important about it is that I'm losing customers.
From the day you purchase the template all been wasting time.
If you are not able to give me an immediate solution, please give me back the money paid.
I sent access as you proposed and have not accessed even once.
I hope you're a little more serious and not sell something that does not function.
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