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yes can you send in sendspace or dropbox plz try to send becoz i am in urgent requirement
I have downloaded which you sent quick start to my mail but when i am installing sample data below error is coming

Some errors occurred while populating the database: Table 'tfortune_db.kptlu_jf_languages' doesn't exist SQL=-- -- Dumping data for table `kptlu_jf_languages` -- INSERT INTO `kptlu_jf_languages` (`lang_id`, `lang_code`, `title`, `title_native`, `sef`, `description`, `published`, `image`, `image_ext`, `fallback_code`, `params`, `ordering`) VALUES (1, 'en-GB', 'English (UK)', 'English (UK)', 'en', '', 1, 'en', NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL)
Hi, I did not get any mail from you and in quickstart package where can i find the file to replace
I have recieved the mail for sample data sql file but here i can find in Installation folder , I could find SQL folder in that two folders are there with name mysql and sqlazure. In both of these file we can see sample_data.sql file so which file i have to replace can you please let me know
okay sure and thanks i am doing once it works i will update u
Sorry again the same problem sir I am a very bad luck women
I sent you SQL FILE you can find users table and see the details
hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it worked finally got it . Thanks a lot for all your support

Sure definitely one more query is if i Install only template then i am getting error of jinstaller error what would be the reason????

I tried inserted Google analytics tracking code (full script) via admin panel. I can saw the script have been place after </footer>, however my google analytic status still shown "Tracking Not installed". Please help
I have a problem with Splash template. I tried to use Art Sexy Lightbox plugin. I used it before on several pages and worked perfectly. But it looks like there is some conflict between java libraries. Can someone please help me to solve this problem ? :(

I have new installed Joomla 3 incl. the Demofiles after that I installed your template. It works... but it looks very different then your Template. I dont have a banner and no slider in it. you dont have a quickstart for Joomla 3 ? I guess then it would look like your template on the demopage.

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