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thanks your answer.. pity.

but how I can activate the slider in the mainpage.
it seems this works not too.

Kind regards

if I install it with Joomla 2.5 now.. is it a Problem later to update to Joomla 3 ?

Kind regards

your template is great...
so I really hope the Quickstart-Version for Joomla 3 coming soon.

Kind regards.

I activated the Multilanguagemodul. and it works fine. but I cant Change the language I use a Ipad or Iphone. then there this small Buttons are not visible ? Where I can Change this ?

Kind regards

I have a Multilanguage template with German, English and Chinese.
It works fine... but if I Change to Chinese language the "read more" creat a button with the text: "continue reading" but I would like to have it in chinese too. also the text in the searching box is still in english... how I can change this ?

Kind regards

Thanks your supprot
are there any news of the of the template ?

- Multilanguage for Chinese
- Quickstart for Joomla 3.0
- and so....

Kind regards

My question is about the quickstart for joomla3.0 . If I understand clearly the posts above you are still working on the quick install for joomla 3, isn't it? Would you let me know by my email address when it is ready. Because my client is looking for that version, thank you so much.

I have a question about the Splash theme. In the Safari browser, the last 'Top A' module is shown underneath the others. It works perfectly fine in Chrome. How is this possible?

Kind regards
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I don't want to put a pression on you. Because I know we are doing the same job where there is a lot pression. Now since you have answered my question. Now would you tell me if the quickstart for joomla3.0 is ready and where to download it. Because I did not see it in my profile. Thank you for your hard work.
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