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Thank you, but I have not renamed the zipped template before the installation.
I do not know how to proceed...

I have same problem as ISOLISTIAMBROSIANI. The zip file in the j2.5 folder has same name as the one in the j3.0 folder. If I install this file in Joomla 2.5 there are no configuration options listed

thank you
Hello, we used the version of "infinitum" by March 2013 contained in the quickstart package (although it is slightly different from the one we purchased).

We have read the post by JANJPDX.
I will send the file that we extracted from the zipped folder (tmpl_infinitum_ver3) to your email address. Could you check if everything is ok?
We would like to install the version of May 2013 instead of the version of March.

Thank you very much
I ask you to kindly publish our posts. We have a problem with the template purchased and we have to solve it
problem solved!
I installed your file

It was the letter "I" instead of "i".

So, I have corrected the name of the template file templateDetails.xml

as follows:

<fields name="params" addfieldpath="/templates/infinitum25/warp/systems/joomla/config/elements">


<fields name="params" addfieldpath="/templates/infinitum30/warp/systems/joomla/config/elements">

And everything went ok!

Thank you, thank you very much.

Beautiful template!

Kind Regards
the revolution slider installs fine in 2.5 but I get an error in 3.1. the file name is

Is it 3.0 compatible?
How can I change the logo and background color?

I would also like to remove the Primer Templates copyright at bottom.

Hi, I installed the template and all is working great. Just a little problem, when i use virtuemart with it the category images have a strange squared background. How can i remove it? Thanks in advance
Dopo aver caricato il pacchetto quickstart su ftp, nell'installazione non riconosce la password? perchè?

I just installed the quickstart and check that the PHP requirements were fully satisfied during the initial setting process. The site displays properly, but for some reasons I cannot login to the admin back-end. The username (admin) and password are not recognized. I re-did the installation three time to make sure that there was not typo in the password. I am using PHP 5.3.14. I tried installing the quickstart on two different servers, but had the exact same issue.

Do you have any suggestions?
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