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Hello, I would like to know how you change the image of the slide on the home page

Yours sincerely
I have a problem with this template, I don't now how to change the background image.
On my home page I have the module Background slideshow and select images, and it is ok, but all the other images on the template I can't change.
I think it what needs to be changed is one of the .css file but I don't know which one.
Looking forward for your help, I thank you in advance.

I would like to know prior to purchase if this template is compatible with Joomla v.3.2 and if all the images are included with the template and if those are royalty free for use within the template or web.

Thanks in advance, and best regards.

we just bought the template and installed it, and during installation (we did acomplish to install the T3 plugin) we get an error after uploading the file.

At the end of the upload process, it shows a red meswsage saying upload failed for no reason.

We increased the size of the php max file upload on the site preferences from 2MB to 40MB, and repeat the process with same results.

We also tried to upload the file with no error output put it doesnt seem to show any plugin or template whatsoever in any of the extension submenus.

We would apreciate any type of feedback on this.

(We read the pdf manual included in the download but it doesnt really show any lights on this matter, probably because it doesnt really apply to this template.

Thanks in advance, and best regards!

yes the files are unziped and tried to upload on the forst place, with no results.

AS i understand, there is no need to upload the full quickstart zip file and overwrite the current joomla installation and the process of uploading the template should be just like the following:

log in as administ
go to extension manager
browse and select
press upload and install file button
that's it

in case there something else to be done previously, please advise.

(Nevertheless, we installed the T3 framework as it is advised in the manual included with the initial download.

I would appreciate if you could contact the developer of the template to solve this out.

Thankks in advance.
No, it didnt work

There was no direct question, but that doesnt mean the template is working.

We CANNOT use the template. No, the template is NOT working.

Is it possible that you check it out, or have the developers contact us to fix it?

Thanks in advance.
Hello again,

we are probably doing something wrong here, but we cannot manage to see the layout of the template as was shown in the demo on your page, we cannot see the images as well, only the homepage one which seems to be a motor... But all the rest of the images are missing.

I downlaoded the template again to my PC, and checked the content and it seems that zipped as, there is a whole installation of joomla with your layouts and all the images...

My question is:

What should i copy from this quickstart file to our joomla installation, in order to have the exact layout, and images, and everything else of your template as it looks on the demo (images rolling on the frontpage, etc), so that we can later just change the menus adn the texts?

Thanks in advance, and best regards!

BTW, what country are you located in? (Then I can have an idea of your current time and mine)
Hi again,

could you be more specific on which folders should we upload to the server in order to have the complete demo site? We dont want to upload a whole new joomla installation, but only the folders and file needed to make it look like the demo...

Thanks in advance!
Hi there,

sorry but we cant manage to make the homepage look like your demo. WE must be making a mistake somewhere.

Can you provide a step by step guide on how to convert the downloadable template into your web demo?

At least a step by step to enable the frontpage full screen slider with two rows of text on top of each slider...

Thanks in advance and best regards!

we followed your instructions, but still doesnt work.

WE already sent you an email, but havent seen any response yet. Cuould you check your inbox please?

Thanks in advance and best regards
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