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Hello AS team,
nothing is visible in the slideshow position - I have tried assigning several different items to this position (including the slider) but nothing ever shows.
What could be the problem?
Hi again. I've read all comments and noticed you mentioned "Top panel" or user3, user4 and other module positions. I do not see those positions when I go to Modules and try to assign a position to a certain module. They are simply not on the list of positions. Are they to be found somewhere else?
I'm using the responsive template.
Hi, I really don't want to be annoying, but you still haven't answered my two questions: one on slideshow position and one on the positions that I can't find. Would you please answer? Please let me know if I haven't put my questions clearly, I'll try to explain again. It's been a while and really need to move on with my works. Thanks.
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Thematic PT
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