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Hi, Just got the template, and instructions. I have godaddy hosting and have installed the latest joomla that the have. I am confused by your instructions, I am told that I first need to install T3 Framework Plugin. Where is this Plugin? I though t I could just go to extensions manager and upload the quickstart file but when I do, nothing changes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
I am asking where do I find the t3 framework plugin to install. Please elaborate.
Hi, I have now got the T3 Framework in hand but I am warned not to install in the root of my deluxe godaddy account as per your instructions as this could wipe out my main website etc. I wish to install in a particular website, on that deluxe account where I have Joomla 2.5 installed, is this not possible? I am having problems with the framework not showing up there.
Thanks, I now have some basic functions on the website but most things are missing.
I am not able to upload the Quickstart file to get a it set up as the demo. My ftp is not allowing the transfer. Do I need to change some permissions? How/where can I do this so that I can use FTP?
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