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- Translation
I need a little push to use this model following the example of the graphic "Thematic".
Let me explain: I do not know how to do it, not to bring up products in the home page?
Thank you in advance for your help.

- En Français
J’ai besoin d’un petit coup de pouce pour utiliser ce modèle suivant l'exemple de la charte graphique « Thematic ».
Je m’explique : Je ne sais pas comment il faut faire, pour ne pas faire apparaitre d’article dans la page d’accueil ?
Merci d’avance de votre aide.
I work for now locally in order to replace my current site

I am aware of the "Recommendations" and links the "User Manual Joomla Theme," provides in your. But I still have not found the solution to not bring up any products in my home page.

He must have "a setting or modifying a file" ... what? Thank you in advance for your help.

Please a solution.

(Note: I want to congratulate you and I appreciate the aesthetics of your site model, you do a great job.)
I got to do what I wanted, thank you again for your help.
I bought this model a few months ago, but local work being completed. I sent my site on the server, but unfortunately I get a blank page.
If cons, I set an other default templates that come with Joomla (Beez5), some content appears ...
However, I published my dice modules and plugins to check their validity, but I always have this blank page.
I concluded that it just my template "thèmathic."
What can I do? Thank you in advance for your reply.
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Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for the help you have given me for the launch of our site.

This investment staff comforts me the choice to use your services "AS Templates".

Another big thank you.

Question: In the Management Extensions: Updates (in Administration). A proposal to update the plug-in JA T3v2 System J25 & J30 Plugin for version 2.5.9 is displayed. Do you agree that I make this up-to-date.
Thank you in advance for your response

Philippe Lalande
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Thematic PT
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