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Hello, i would like to know which is the suffix for the home page slide, as i have been trying to fix the border for the pictures
I think when you show a template with certain characteristics, you should have them configure in the css file. what is the worth if i have to do the changes?
maybe i didn't use the right module or configuration, maybe you should explain the details about the template to be able to use it. I just wanted to save time with this web and it's taking me more time than without speding money....
hello, again, i have to remark that the position of the modules are not well explained, now i have found that i had not chosen the right position, and that's why i have problems. I wish you had dedicated some time to explain things as i dedicated a long time to find it.
hello, i am using your template but would like to cancel the cpanel options as i have personlized the options and my client doesn't want the visitors to have the option to change. I don't know which is the best way to get it off

Hello, i have tried that option, but i get a message: Operation failed: Failed to delete file
i'm only using the default profile, so i don't know what is the problem, and i want the CPANEL to dessapear
Hello, i need to know the position to include 3 columns in the foot of the page as you have in your model, i have tried several options, but it is not possible:

will you send us an email whein it is available? thanks
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Thematic PT
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