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Hello AS team

I just bought the template Thematic; I use the latest version of joomla, but I cannot install the template. What do I have to do to be able to install the template Thematic in my joomla?

The instructions in the Thematic User Manual do not work.
Please can you help me so I will be able to install this beutiful template?

Emma Baan
Question: I bought the joomla template Thematic. Some weeks ago I got the fatal error Fatal error: t3import not found object: core.libs.Browser in /var/www/vhosts/6/122693/webspace/siteapps/joomla-46485/htdocs/plugins/system/jat3/jat3/core/common.php on line 33.

I contacted the e-mail address I got with the template. I got a reply and send in my login details. However up and until now nothing has changed, I got no reply from a person called Dachi Norbert and still have the fatal error. Dachi Norbert replied only once and asked for my login detail, I have send them on 7 march. On 22 March I again send an e-mail, but no reply. Please how can I get an answer from AS Templates, because this is not working.

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Thematic PT
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