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Hi there

I'd like to know if it's possible to close ALL tabs in the Accordion Module?
There is only a setting to open all or open just one tab as I can see.
But I'd like to have them all closed when entering the page.
Could you help me with that?

Thank you for supporting

And another question...
I can't find the right module position of the main menu in this template. It's not shown in the example pages on and if I try to find it with the ?id=1 it tells me "top.main.nav".
But this position doesn't exist in this template!?!
All the other positions including "" don't show the menu where it belongs.
Btw there are a lot of other menu positions shown an the "?tp=1" page view which are not shown and selectable in the template. Why is this so ?
Or is there a possibility to enable them??

At the moment my main menu in the standard language is shown if I choose the "position-7". THIS position doesn't actually exist in the cosmo template! And if I want to release the menu in another language at the same "position-7" it doesn't show at all.
Which position is the right to publish the menu above the slider like it is on the example cosmo page?

And I have a strange phenomenon in the menu assignment of my modules...
In the menu selection area of the modules I can suddenly find some entrys I didn't create. They are only shown in the menu of my second language (english) and are for example called "-COM_K2", "AcyMailing", "--Queue" etc
I can't find out where they come from and how to delete them!?!

I would be very happy if you could help me with that.
Best regards I'm sending from here,
I really need an answer!!

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