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i can't find the exemple slideshow, i buy the template for this efects and i will customize it. can you send me this html5 and css3?


and kind regards
i read the pdf with the rar. i use joomla 3. and i show thar the most part of component that you used for generate don't came with the template?
please see you for this problem because if is true we demand you.
i'm a company who need some thing in few time, and you are aswer late.
i read this after purchase the template, is a fraud. came back me money now.

Important Notice!
Please note that the main image slider is not supplied with the template download files (apart from the one already installed in the quickstart. Since it is a commercial extension, you will have to purchase it from the developer’s site, whose link is

are there one solution for this?
where is the notice that came with this item?
i read all and don't show it.
i have to go with the 2.5.

another thing. when i put a google map , the map have grey line in the middle. and if a create un Articles Map don't see anything.

this is in community builder

and this is in article map

the problem is the template because in the other work well.
tell me the css changes if you can.
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Comment in status pending...

It will be published after it has been approved by the Website Administrator.
please, i need solved the problem with the map.
i write you but you don't tell me anything.
what's the problem?
i use Community builder, i have this geocommunity plugin in more webs, the only problem is with you, in the map i put the people of community.
the problem with your template is gray lines in the middle.
don't tell me that check the extension because this work.
i think that wil be for css. i send you the admin pass, but you don't do anything. please check it.
ahh , and bt google map don't show in your template.
there are a new version for revolution slider which work in joomla3, if you had buy this, can you put it in the rar?
i do a new web, this time in 3.0.
i make a lateral menu, and put the position in sidebarA, i like that this menu will be in left part, but it put in rigth part. what's brong?
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