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I do Not understand where to insert the logo. I've checked the manua but refers to module and positions that I've not identified.

can you specify please the directory and HTML to edit?


Hi did create the custom module called logo and position logo and uploaded the image, but the template doesn't display properly and the logo doesn't appear anyway...

in addition the profile page to customize font and colors is not displayed anyware....

Thanks in advance for your help

thanks for updating and showing the logo!

now I have another problem, first of all the size of the logo: the instructions indicate that has to be 75px high but being our logo square, doesn't work at all.

In addition, still the menu is not displayed - while if I go in preview from the templates admin panel it shows.

Finally I cannot find the Profile control panel to be able to change the color scheme.

can you help please?


and kind regards
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News Today PT
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