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I use Joomla 2.5 and the webserver requirements are ok.
I have this Template installed and the installation was successful.

But now I don't see the setting options in the Template Manager for this Template.

Do you have a idea for this problem?

Thanks in advance

Kind Regards


I don't rename the folder and the path after installation is

What can I do?

Kind Regards


Why didn't you answer me?
I pay for this Template and now didn't works correctly. If that is not released until Wednesday, I'll take my money back !!!

I don't rename the folder containing.
And the default path in my installation is

Where and how can I change this to

Kind Regards

I changed the part "news" in the templateDetails.xml. And now it works.

Thank you
Kind Regards

now I have the next problem.
Why is the documention different to the files from the template?

I want to use the classes from part Grid (.uk-with etc), but it doesn't works!!!
And now the best I don't find the classes in the files from the template.

Help me understand why? I paid for it!

Now I have to search for each class in the file, do exist or don't!!

Kind Regards


Thanks for the link to the documentation. But I can't find explanation for the classes. Where can I find it? I use the Warp Frameworks 6.3.3 and Joomla 2.5
Update to a newer version(Warp Framework), it doesn't works!!!

For example. If I use the grid classes, is the code from in the documentation
<div class="uk-grid">
<div class="uk-width-1-2">...</div>
<div class="uk-width-1-2">...</div>

I don't find the classes in the files!!!

or the description list horizontal classes in the documentation
<dl class="uk-description-list-horizontal">

I don't find the classes in the files!!!

Now I have to look for each class, if the class in the file.

I need the same documantion for me like, with Warp Framework 6.3.3!
How can I find it?

Kind Regards

I'll send you the email to

Kind regards
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News Today PT
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