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Hello ..

I checked in the adminsection the twitter button. it is allready on yes... but still nothing is visible in the article. the Facebook and Google+ is working.
you have any idea what it can be ?

thanks your help

Hello ...

I have sent you my login Details
hope you can solve the Problem

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may I ask about the status ? and some other news ?
Twitter - Facebook - Framework.. and so on

thanks and kind regards

Hello Primer,

any news about the Update.

kind regards...

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Hello Primer...

I did Upload the new template.. but the twitterbutton still doesnt work.
if I check my Website by source code I find out.. twitter is still set "0"
but in the template it is set on "YES"

see this:

<body id="page" class="page sidebar-a-left sidebars-1 isblog " data-config='{"twitter":0,"plusone":1,"facebook":1}'>

Hope this helps you to find the reason.

Kind regards..
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I think the loadingtime of this template is a little long.
also your Demowebsite
I tried with different Browsers.. but still the same. Also my own Website Needs much time to lead.
is there a way to make it faster ?

Kind regards.

Hello Primer....

thanks your Support.

I tried this.. but it was not really faster.
and there is a big other Problem if I do compress it.
if I use the following Options it happens this problems:
- Combination+Minify: it loste on the Home site the Latest Blog Posts
- Combination+Minify+Data URIs: it lose the structure complety
- Combination+Minify+Data URIs+Gzip: it lose also some structure

but the Speed does not really Change. I try this with different fast internetliens.. and ist still the same. also I tri it by a other Provider. and the same too. as I said, your demowebsite of your template is slow too. and the site building by the first start on this site is slow.

hope you can undertsan my meaning.. sorry for my bad english.

Kind regards.
Hello Primer....

thanks your answer and support.

there is a other Problem too.
if I post a link of one of my Websiteposts in Facebook and someone wanna share this link by mobilephone .. so there never Shows the photo whiche I used in the post in my Website. it Shows always a other pisture on the homesite. sometimes the flag of my multtemplate... and sometimes a Picture of the bottom texts.

if they sahre the link by a normal Computer it works fine.. so this only happen if the user use his mobilephone and tabler to share a link.

maybe you have an idea what it can be.

Kind regards.

no I don't use a any third party extension.
If I add a link in my Facebook ... I add this manually in facebook.
and if this is public in facebook... all is OK. but if someone wanna share this post... then this person get such a curiouse image in his newshistory and not the photo whiche I add in the post by the the website.

this only happen if someone like this post by mobilephone or tablet.

kind regards

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