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Dear Sirs:
I just bought this template.
I've been installing it and I have a problem.

When I install Joomfish well and active, to see the page tells me ...

The web page has too many redirects Perhaps the problem is resolved by deleting cookies from this site or allowing third-party cookies. If that does not work, the problem may be related to a bug in the server configuration, not the computer.

The same thing happened with the template "falcon".
I also bought "Axis", I think the same will happen, I have not tried yet.

If it is because of Joomfish, I can uninstall it, I do not care, but in that case, what translation module I can use?

Another question, when I install it, I can not see the logo, there is a module, not a plugin, I have hosted the images folder ...
I've added the logo.
I have another problem, in the configuration of the template I can't see the options to change the specific settings.

settings only says: Config in a box, and no more.
Sorry, Now I have no problem, I solved it by installing the quick installation template instead the template...

Thanks, it's a great template.
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Infinitum PT
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