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hi there

i tryed to install your "" version - and failed several times...

during the installation process, the routine ends on the third screen: connecting to the database is properly working, but the process just won't finish!
as i checked the server-logs i found out, that the folders for "beez3" and "prostar" template are missing: somehow, the installation wants to copy some of the files from these folders... however: inserting the two folders results in a working installation-routine.

the surprise starts later: when i try to check my site online, the default template in the frontend is beez. in the backend, i won't find the quasar-template listed - altough it's installed...

so i tryed to install the quasar template a second time out of the "template" folder in your download: this brings the template to show up in the backend - but activated, the frontend shows an error message telling me that the t3-plugin is not activated...

what now? i tryed to redownload your template and uploading it to another folder on my server, changed the db, and so on... still i don't get the promised results...
hi "primertemplates"

thanks for your support: but it won't work like you described it!

so, there's a workaround for everybody who likes this template:

- first buy the template and download the ""
- download a standard joomla (english) installation from wherever you'll get it (version 3.2.1)
- unzip both files
- move the folders "beez3" and "protostar" frome the joomla-installation-templates-folder to the quickstart-template folder (in the quasar template folder you'll have to find the four subfolders now: beez3, protostar, quasar and system)
now upload the whole quickstart folder to your server and start the installation process as described by "primertemplates": you'll have to choose the "default english sample date" on the third screen of your installation!

now it rocks! it's not even necessary to install the t3 framework plugin if you follow the instructions above...

best regards
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