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Hi Primertemplates:
Like SOLUTIONIT and ANTONIOPINEDA I am having a problem with the quickstart installation, which just hangs after setting up the database and while installing sample data. I want the full sample data.
I am installing on Godaddy. I have used quickstart many times before, so I can usually work around problems with installation.
can you help me?
Hi Primertemplates:
where is the code to change the size of the logo?
Thank you
Hi Primertemplates,
Excellent Template, it looks great!

I some help: Where can I change the template styles for buttons/ badges/ labels and the rest?

ThemeMagic lets me change some of the colors, but not all. Some colors can not be changed - for example all buttons (including readmore) are cyan (called @pine) and all badges are blue, etc.
None of the .LESS files in templates/quasar/ folder can change these colors. The T3assets folder contains only css files.

LESS is new for me, so I am afraid to edit any css files in case they are over-written by the LESS compiler.

Thank you

Please let us know when you have made your update to Theme Magic. Without that it is very hard to create different themes for different pages - I have to search and replace colors for the whole site.
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