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Hi there!

I'm a club user. I bought and used your template for one of my projects. I appreciate, it is good, but I have some challenges customizing some of the modules to suite my requirement. Eg,
i) when I changed the module name vet world to Party Officials, the site stopped running. I unpublished the module and the site started running. When I replaced it with the original name, Vet World, the problem persisted.

ii) The above problem was also experienced with the module World Business News, which I changed to Party News.

Even after re-instating their original names they would not run. In fact, I decided to un-publish these modules to secure my site. How can you help me out here for I'm afraid to change any other module name.

Thanks immensely for assisting at your earliest convenience.


Hi there!

Could you please show me where to change the default colour of the website.

I'm interested in the green colour.

Hi there!

I saw where to change the colours, but I have not solve the previous problem yet. That if some modules not running after a change of name.

I have been using this template on one of my sites, and I think It is lovely.

How can we change the background image on the website. The Background image looks and makes the site a simple word document. Please advise where to completely remove background or replace.


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The Daily News PT
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