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I have installed the template to the latest update and when visiting the website from a mobile device or tablet the menu items dont respond.

Can you offer an update on this ?


My site is

Thank you
Hello again,

You can see the menu fine, the problem appears when you are actually trying to click on a menu item or submenu.
I managed sometimes to click the menu items if i long press, but not too much as it will behave as right click.

My device is: Android 4.4.2 with Chrome 45.0.2454.94
I also got reported the same behaviour on many other handheld devices.
You may also experience this behaviour using chrome on desktop simulating any handheld device (Right Click -> Inspect Element then click on the mobile phone located at the Top Left Corner of the new window. Make sure to reload page once you choose the device brand/model)

Thank You
George Paphitis
Thank you, i really appreciate it :)

Kind Regards,
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Hello. Is there any update on this ?
How can i update without loosing any changes i made on the source code ?

Thank you,

The css only.
I have upgraded now after a looong time (yes i know)
But the problem still persists.
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Real Estate PT
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