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Recently i bought this template and i wish to install the template with demo package plus the sample date for easier customization but as it looks like the downloaded file "quickstart" after correctly unziped and transfered via FTP on to URL does not really work as it should.

(Main configuration, database configuration were correctly done.)

Following message i get recieve from host "No configuration file found and no installation code available. Exiting..." despite of the installation folder successfully renamed.

Can anyone help me on this matter?

Hi All,

In addition to my prior comment, there is also one issue i can not really draw a conclusion which is, during finalizing the "quickstart"Joomla installation, everything is correct and all checks are passed then i clicked the Install button in the top right corner of the Overview page. This has started the actual installation process.

So far everything looks ok, it means i can see the progress bar with additional information of the installation, however after the installation completed, i can not see the success page! With another word, it remains on the same page as it was and it is not really finished up and there is no message like "congrulations, joomla is now installed".

Again thanks to all who could help by resolving of this issue.


thanks for your prompt response.
As per advised i sent you a request to the email adress provided in the user manual.

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Real Estate PT
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