Hi. I'm reading the user manual that came with this template and it says "When intalling the template, there are two ways of doing it. You may wish to install the template without installing the quickstart or you may install the quickstart plus the sample data for easier customization.". Where do I find the sample data so I can install it? The files we got in our package were: the template zip file, extensions, quickstart, terms file and user manual. I have installed everything that came with your package and it looks like this now: http://fonsecarealestate.com/. No matter which theme I select the section of the page, where the logo and the menu is (mainnav) looks grey. Why is that? I don't see a module like the one you show on your template model on the very top where you have the shapes of the monitors and the buttons "More Details" and "See All Templates". Also, I don't see in the manual how you included the Google Map, or the "Search for Property" section, or the Houses at the bottom that have the price and other information under their thumbnails. Is that part of that other package that you call "OS Property" which you say is not included in your template? Please, let me know. I need to have this website built as soon as possible. Thanks a lot in advance.