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I've also recently purchased this theme and installed with Joomla 3.2.1. Could you help me with something?
1. The pages that I assign Agency theme are opening fine in the browser. However, when I go to Apache logs I see this error:
File does not exist: /home/d/drevosloru/public_html/templates/agency32/styles/wide/warp, referer:

There is really no such path or file, why does the theme tries it? How do I fix this? Note that when I switch to any template pre-supplied with Joomla, this error goes away.

2. When "Wide" theme is used, it automatically adds a content divider/separator at the beginning of the page. It is a "leaf" content divider. How would I change it to another divider type supplied with the theme? How would I disable it?

3. Does this themplate use any specific module for displaying team credentials? Or it just provides module position for it?

Thank you
you mean general / profile configuration sections of the template?

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